Samruddha India Sansthan​

The objective of Samruddha India Sansthan is to provide vocational training to the non-literate, neo-literate as well as school dropouts in rural areas by identifying the relevant market skills in that area.

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About Samruddha India

Samruddha India Sansthan is a grassroots not-for-profit organization working with rural and resource poor communities the state of Uttar Pradesh, India in the districts of Agra,  has its presence in more than 1300 villages across these areas, which have traditionally had poor social indicators.

Our Vision

Samruddha India a society where people lead a healthy, safe and empowered life, free from all forms of discrimination.


These initial efforts formed the foundation for future leading on to the work we do with children, adolescents, youth and women.

Our Mission

Samruddha India mission is to empower communities by giving them spaces to freely express their concerns.


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Samruddha India Member
vocational training in Samruddha India Sansthan
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